Project Inquinamento Silenzioso

The idea behind this project was to use the skills learnt during the Fundamental class, combine divers from different background and area and investigatethe healthy status of the three major Italian lakes: Lago Maggiore, Lago di Garda e Lago di Como.

Plan was to evaluate the pollution level to double check the minimum level available for both diving and swimming on these lakes.

We used the help of University of Milan with Professor Bruno Rossaro – professor of Ecology of internal and open water – that proposes us an experimental project: the collection of samples of mud to different depths, to analyze the presence of the macrobenthos, that is an indicator of the pollution of the water.

All these exams will soon become the standard procedure to check and inspect the status of lakes in all Italy.

– Macrobenthos are organism living on or in the bottom of bodies of water with dimensions of 0.5 mm or more.

Project Inquinamento Silenzioso